Information for Applicants

We invite proposals in the areas of Health Promotion and Disease Prevention. The area of Health Promotion includes primarily education of health professionals, patients, and families regarding good health care as well as the need for disease screening. The area of Disease Prevention is aimed at the screening and detection of disease and prevention of complications.  Proposals may be pilot and feasibility studies in any area of research involving health promotion and disease prevention. Projects in patient education or health professions education will also be considered as long as they relate to health promotion or disease prevention and have a thorough evaluation component. The Portes Foundation generally grants proposals for one year and most grants are for under $30,000.

The principal investigator must be a M.D., D.O., or Ph.D., have an appointment at a medical school, other health professions schools, or an affiliated hospital or other health institution. The proposal must have the endorsement of the Dean or the principal research officer. Travel costs may be requested up to $1,000 and reasonable publication and page charges may be covered. We do not fund indirect costs. Portes/IOMC grants cannot be used for capital equipment.


How to Apply

The Portes Foundation accepts proposals following their annual RFP (Request For Proposal) announcement. Those interested in applying for an award must respond to the announcement by submitting a Letter of Intent (LOI).  This letter should not exceed three pages and should succinctly describe purpose, rationale, objectives, and expected outcomes.

To receive notification of the annual call for proposals, please provide your name and email address in our "Join Our Mailing List" form below. Do not include your proposal in this form. The information you provide on this form will be used only to distribute announcements from The Portes Foundation. It will not be given or sold to any other organization.

The Letter of Intent needs to be received by the date noted in the annual request for proposal announcement.  The Portes Foundation, through the Institute of Medicine of Chicago, will notify LOI submitters of the initial determination and, if applicable, request a complete proposal. Acceptance of the Letter of Intent only means that The Portes Foundation considers the concept within the Portes mission and is now interested in evaluating a complete proposal.

The notification will state the due date for the complete proposal, generally two to three months.  The Proposal need not follow NIH guidelines but must include a succinct review of relevant literature explaining the rationale and purpose of the study, a description of the population or other cohorts to be studied, the research design and methodology, and the evaluation methodology.  Notification of grant awards will be mailed at the end of the year.

The project must have the approval of the appropriate institutional review board and, where relevant, the human subjects review board. All proposals will be peer-reviewed by a scientific committee of The Portes Foundation and the IOMC. There are no restrictions on publication but The Portes Foundation and IOMC require that any publications resulting in whole or in part from a Portes Foundation-IOMC grant include an acknowledgment of support or partial support.